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Grow Your Business Today Through Proven Systems!

We will build and execute a personalized prospecting engine to help skyrocket both your long and short term business growth with our experienced team.

We will build and execute a personalized prospecting engine to help skyrocket both your long and short term business growth with our experienced team.

Targeting and Customer Research

We carefully study your target customers and demographics to consistently bring in more new qualified customers to your business

Customized Conversion Systems

We use proven online systems to track and convert "Leads" into customers for your business

We Skyrocket You to Your Goals and Beyond!

Our team continuously works with you to solve your business goals, month after month

Experts in Revenue Growth

We have extensively researched and honed in on the cutting edge of technology to bring B2C and B2B businesses to the next level, and it all starts with a strategy session to deeply assess and understand you and your business fully to come up with a game plan to match your goals and business with proven systems ๐Ÿš€

Build Authority in Your Industry and Attract and Keep Your Dream Clients

We work alongside you to attract your ideal customers. With that being said, we want to make sure that you're in front of your ideal clients when they are in need of your help. Mainly leveraging social media and other system/softwares to do so.

Successful Projects. Satisfied Customers,

Successful Projects.

Satisfied Customers.

Communication and Reporting

We meet with you on a regular basis and have crystal clear communication with you every step of the way to ensure everything is running smoothly and your business is reaching its monthly and yearly goals

Our Structure

Prospecting Development/Management.

We want to first find out if you're a good fit or in need of our solution. With all new partnership we must have a deep dive conversation that allows us to go deeper into your business to find what is keeping you from reaching your goals. The main solution we provide to our partner is customer opportunities. Not just any opportunities, pre qualified opportunities. On top of them being interested, we make sure they are a good fit for you before sending them your way as well. Look at us as your remote marketing/prospecting team and also your sales agency.

Executive Team

Alex Dennery

Co-Founder/Lead Strategist

Minh Tran

Co-Founder / Client Communications Coordinator

Edgar Pereira

Marketing Data Analyst / Prospecting Team Manager

Eric Choi

Account Manager / System Developer

AJ Johnson

Consultation Advisor


Prospecting Engine Development

Leveraging systems, software, and social media to target and attract the right customers to your business. While doing this help you track ROI every step of the way. To make sure your investments are generating you profit.

Conversion Systems

We convert "leads" into qualified opportunities that aren't just looking for your help, but also qualified to work with your business.

Prospecting Engine Management

Not only developing but also managing, consistency is key to all prospecting engine. What good does it do for you and your business to have 1 good month and the rest below average... We prevent that by daily monitoring your system to make sure your investment is being invested correctly and appropriately.

What One Of Our Partners had To Say When Partnering With Us

Sherane Dickens - Founder Of The Finishing Touch NYC

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